Thursday, 9 June 2011


Introducing Caviar & Cashmere Luxury Lifestyle Line
A New Interpretation of Modern Luxury:
Made of the Finest Quality of Mongolian Cashmere for the Well-Traveled Clientele
LOS ANGELES, CA.,25 May 2011-- Caviar & Cashmere, a new luxury lifestyle company
formed in 2011, launches an inaugural line of 100% pure cashmere products to be sold on their
e-commerce website. The brand consists of 100% pure Mongolian cashmere products, featuring
a five-category collection consisting of throws, baby blankets, robes, travel sets and scarves.
The style savvy, luxury lifestyle cashmere brand is proud to offer their clientele a diverse line of
products at many price points and plys. Whether homeowners are in need of a thinner 6-ply
cashmere throw to be used in the summertime, or a thick 12-ply throw to keep warm in the
winter, Caviar & Cashmere carries a large range of plys at many price points that work with
every season and budget.
Rich in details, the product line uses the finest quality Mongolian cashmere with modern takes
on classic designs. Whether it is their cable knit travel set, perfect for the avid jet-setter seeking
comfort while in the air, a woman wanting a lightweight robe that still offers warmth, or a
wedding guest seeking the perfect wedding gift, Caviar & Cashmere’s products offer timeless
style and versatility. The season’s palette is rendered in a plethora of neutrals, dark creams and
rich taupes; steeped from the design duo’s interpretation of worldly aesthetics.
About Caviar & Cashmere
Caviar & Cashmere derives its roots from a mother-daughter team out of Malibu, California,
whose love for luxury would inevitably be realized with a line of high quality cashmere products.
Marilyn Chase, an interior designer with over 25 years of experience, and her daughter, Caitlyn
Chase, a luxury lifestyle and fashion writer, both decided they wanted to share their passions and
design a line of high quality pure cashmere products. Caviar & Cashmere marries traditional
handmade artisanship with contemporary cutting-edge designs.
With a true understanding of luxury, Caviar & Cashmere produces unparalleled quality cashmere
that can be relished and enjoyed for many years. Caviar & Cashmere strives to embody luxury in
every way - having each item be a premier product of imagination, hard work, and passion.
For Media Inquiries:
Caitlyn Chase, Owner & Designer
Caviar & Cashmere

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