Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Exclusive oils

Selection of exclusive oils.
Drupa : Made with Panisello and Morruda varieties in their best moment of ripness with a
sensation of green banana and flowers, its taste is strongly green, apple, banana’s rind,
unipeness almond and artichoke, slightly bitter and spicy. A gret producer of sensations.
Testaccio: A coupage of Empeltre, Morruda and Sevillenca, with a medium scent and a predominant
green olive fruitiness, green leaves, slightly tomato, artichoke and unripeness almond. It
tastes green olives and almonds, slightly bitter with a last itch and a little astringent. An oil
with very good characteristics.
Dressel: This coupage has been made with Empeltre and Panisello, with scent of green olives
fruitiness, green leaves, banana’s rind, unripeness almond, artichoke and citrus fruits. An
olive fruitiness in its best moment of ripeness, you can find the same fruit sensations as in
the scent and a little apple, slightly bitter and spicy. A great quality oil.
Abarem: Coupage made with Sevillenca and Panisello with a medium scent intensity, ripenessunripeness
olives fruitiness, green grass and artichoke at bottom. Its tastes fresh and
slightly banana, the start is sweet but slightly bitter-spicy. A very smart oil, with persistent
and balanced sensations.
Cocó: Coco is the image of Produccíó Ecològica Roca Cabrera, a building made of Stone like a
vault used by famers years ago in order to store rain water.
We decided to name this way the best oil we produce every season, that having great
characteristics lets us to value the work that those people who worked in the country did,
growing the olive trees.
This year, we got it from then Farga variety, which was collected by hand and accurately
produced in our ecologic oil mill, the result is an oil with:
Smell: Average intensity and fresh green apple fruitiness, banana and grass, tomato at
bottom and almond. Very balanced.
Taste: olive, tomato and banana fruitiness. Balanced, sweet and very elegant.
Box 4 oils(4 bottles) 200 euros+shipping cost
Box Cocó(1 bottle) 160 euros+shipping cost
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