Friday, 28 January 2011


A/W 2011 - 2012
Mark / Giusti launches its “Palatina” collection for A/W 2011 –
2012. This is Mark Farhat’s second collection for the Mark /
Giusti brand, following the successful launch at Shoreditch
house last June 2010.
Inspiration for this new collection comes from The Cappella
Palatina (palatine chapel), located alongside the Palazzo Dei
Normanni (palace of the Normans) in Palermo Sicily. Built by
roger ii (from 1130 – 1140), the chapel is adorned with
extraordinary Norman-byzantine mosaics and houses the finest
examples of Arab-Norman art in Sicily. The designer has
recreated these intricate byzantine patterns and applied them to
the interior lining of each piece.
The dominant color used in the “palatina’ collection employs an
extraordinarily deep and vivid orange contrasted by green topstitching
perfectly matching the colors of the mosaics in the
Cappella Palatina.
The use of grained calf leather, beautifully compliments the
previous “Bring Back Time” collection emphasizing the designer’s
attention to detail and timeless quality which characterizes the
essence of the Mark / Giusti Brand.
Effortlessly practical, the collection is comprised of a suit
carrier, laptop bag, i-pad over and additional leather accessories.
The “Palatina” collection will be showcased during Milan
Fashion Week at the Modern Showroom in Galleria Del Corso, 4
milano 20122 and by appointment at the mark / giusti studio in
For further details please visit

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• Retail Prices for bags range from £850; I-pad Cover £400 and
Wallets £135
• Mark / Giusti launched the brand at Shoreditch House on
Wednesday, June 9th, 2010