Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Digital video producer for the luxury lifestyle market.

Digital video producer specializing in producing short-form internet videos for the luxury lifestyle market.
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With a cutting-edge team of editors, photographers, and videographers we will be providing outstanding haute, new, hip content featuring "What's Hot" and "Now" with relevance to our fast-paced, world-traveled lifestyles.

Our hope is that soon you will rely on us as the region's trusted resource!

We are keeping a keen eye focused on the world of luxury design; we are so excited to share with you the amazing things we see and find. Oh, let's not forget the hot places, cool spaces and chic products people share with us while we are hanging out at uber-cool parties, charities, galleries and events.

Soon we will be launching our online shop featuring professional photography; spotlighting cool, sophisticated design-related products, haute fashion, bespoke jewelry, contemporary artworks, and boutique-wares which our savvy editors and video producers find while out on the beat in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

We hope to pass along to you some discounted 5-star Boutique Hotel, Winery and Luxurious Spa packages as well.