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Beach & Cashmere Monaco beachwear
2011 press release

Federica Nardoni Spinetta is an Economics graduate from the Bocconi University, with a managerial spirit
and artistic DNA, a lover of beauty in all its forms. She decides with a friend, an expert in textiles, to create
the trademark “Beach & Cashmere Monaco”, having carried out in-depth market research. The trademark is
Monagasque and its logo incorporates the symbol of the Principality. The luxury collection is appreciated for
its style, simplicity and glamour.
Beach & Cashmere Monaco, created in 2005, introduced into the world of fashion a unique concept: the
combination of a typically winter product, such as cashmere, with one typical of the summer: swimwear and
beachwear. Exclusivity and the magic atmosphere of Monte-Carlo are united in celebrating the excellence
of the textile industry and the tradition of “made in Italy”.
This unique concept allows the brand to satisfy its clientele throughout the year, with both beachwear and
cashmere being constantly available. ‘Un fil rouge’ holds together these contrasts, the Beach & Cashmere
collections are always synonymous with top quality. Luxury and elegance, design and exclusive materials
reflect the glamour and excellence of Monte-Carlo.
A Special Cashmere Collection, called ‘Gold’, was shown with great success in Russia. It is a collection of
limited production, which includes unique pieces made with a mix of threads of cashmere and threads of 24
carat gold, along with cardigans with buttons of gold and diamonds.
At present the trademark, registered at an international level, is distributed in Russia and Europe.
Discussions are presently in progress to open up new outlets on a global basis, such as Miami, Shanghai,
Dubai and Singapore through joint-ventures with local partners or franchising.
The offices, the flagship shop and showroom are all in Monte-Carlo. Federica Nardoni Spinetta is also the
President of the Chamber of Commerce for Fashion, Secretary for the Chamber of Commerce and member
of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Monte-Carlo.
The ‘Beachwear Collection 2011’ has been designed by Beatrice Paola Ruffini and Barbara Borra, fashion
designers with several years experience with large companies in the fashion sector, as well as their
colleagues and graphic designers. Together they have designed a collection of “Luxury Beachwear” both
refined and elegant: a style that is ‘easy chic’: young, appealing, seductive.
A total look made for today’s world: glamorous beachwear created to bask in the sunshine, enjoy a snack in
the shade of a palm tree or relax on a yacht. As for the evening: a sumptuous dress of haute couture. The
collection is divided into two parts: ‘Memories of a Vacation’: reminiscent of the first female travellers …
sunglasses, large sun-hats, richly embellished flimsy bikinis, both alluring and daring, enriched with light
accessories whose inspiration derives from a more formal wardrobe. The look is one of a young and
independent women, yet one who is also romantic, who loves travel and is feminine and yet seductive.
“Fluid couture” is designed for a refined and elegant woman, who is able to wear a bikini as if it were an
evening dress. Dynamic and independent, she loves to be visible, follow new looks but never exaggerate: a
minimalist luxury. Bikinis are lit up invisibly by luminous transparent swathes. One-piece swimsuits,
enriched with precious stones and embroidery, matched with flounced silk chiffon skirts, are perfect for the
evening. The colours are monochrome black and white but also delicate nude, brilliant blue, ivory with
chocolate and the blue of the Maldives. A new tone of neutral beige, as well as the more traditional black,
mix with classic prints reminiscent of journeys abroad. Black and white prints, both transparent and richly
embroidered, taking their inspiration from underwear have delicate embroidery, encrusted jewels and are
mixed with strong statement metallic accessories.
The materials used are the protagonists of the collection: light, soft materials give a new life to plain and
patterned beachwear with exclusive designs. An unexpected and unusual mix of chromatic colours is
rendered unique by the blend of tulle and lycra: microfiber with a shiny surface, stretch jeans and elaborate
materials. The dresses include: netting, chiffon and silk crepe.
In the evening the protagonist is the body: both fascinating and poetic. Once out of the water, the evening
collection includes a mix of tulle and exclusive prints, long tunics in cotton and dresses including transparent
inserts, or pleating and richly embroidered flowers.
Flagship store e Showroom 38, Bd. des Moulins MONTECARLO PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO