Friday, 15 October 2010


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1. Please tell us about you:
I am the Director of a guild of truffles seekers and producers in Alessandria province, led by Giuseppe Dulla. We have been producing the highest quality Piedmont White Alba Truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico) for over six decades. Through my company TopTruffles , from the new season  this October,  we supply the White Alba Truffles to international private clients and restaurants. As a luxury food specialist for over 20 years, it has been my goal also to educated the public  on what real truffles are and how to spot the top quality of these precious and delicious products of nature. Many people buy truffles, unaware that the quality they have paid for is inferior. At Top Truffles,  we supply only the highest quality truffles, and we also educate our customers  about this precious and delicious product of nature. At TopTruffles -  we only supply pure, natural truffles and do not sell truffle enhanced products which are made with chemicals.
2. What area of Italy do your truffles come from?
ONLY FROM PIEDMONT: then Alba Truffles from Monferrato, Langhe, Tortona's Hills, where we can find the best quality.
3.Why are truffles a rare and luxury food?
Because they are a natural and delicious product of nature which only grows for a short time of the year. Italian seekers lead the harvest with very special dogs, trained to find truffles sniffing the air.    Also truffles need specific environmental conditions to grow, no one can cultivate them, only mother nature!  and they only grow in few regions in the world.   White Alba Truffles are the most rare and highest in quality due to their magical smell, taste and of course they are a powerful Aphrodisiac food!  
4. What is the history of Truffles, how were they discovered and who made them famous?
It's important to know that Truffles have been made famous since Antiquity. Certain speciality foods - such as Truffles, were identified and documented by the likes of Pliny and Dioscordes (ancient Greeks) in first century AD and later by Paul of Aegina from the seventh century.   Juvenalis, a Latin writer, said that truffles were generated from " lightening of Jupiter/Zeus to an oak".  Ancient Folk-tales say that truffles grows because of rain, lightening and warmth (imber, fulmen, calor). The sensual smell, sensual taste experience and legendary stories  about the sexual excellence of Jupiter/Zeus has made truffles associated as an aphrodisiac as I have mentioned before.
5. What type of truffles do you specialize in and what is the difference between the black and white truffles?
 We sell white alba truffles, original ones and with certificate. there's 3 kinds of white truffle, which the best is tuber magnatum Pico. The most important varieties of black truffle are 7. The difference between white and black truffles is the smell, of course, but also the taste. the white truffle is quite tasty and is used to flavor in small doses and always raw. Black truffle has a rough surface and between its varieties, the top one is tuber melanosporum  vittadini: it is right to cultivate.
6. When does the truffle season begin and how long is the season?
White Alba truffle grows since october till January

7. How can potential customers get in touch with you to order truffles and do you offer a Truffle tour?
we have launched our website,, about the culture of white truffles, so anyone can understand the basic informations to know a very good truffle.
The website is the fastest way to get in touch with us, via email, to make orders and get truffles with our express service: so anyone can enjoy the best freshness (pay attention please, the truffles lose freshness so easy and can't stay more than 10/14 days: it depends on the conditions of conservation).
For people who want to live the experience of truffles, we lead special tours for the hunt and to enjoy special piedmont's dinner based on truffles, thank our very special dogs (around our beautiful hills) and later our worth chefs (in the restaurants). Our base is at

8. Is there any other information you would like to tell ?
Our guild is made with professional of truffles, food and beverage producers, chefs and we all together decline our excellence with italian style, making precious  hand made objects, related with the truffle's culture, like very special boxes, and jars and cutters.
This is our way to amaze the world, with simple things, culture, taste and aesthetics: sometime it's contradictory way but it's so beautiful
If you are interested contact us at or contact Top Truffles mentioning that you read the information on our blog or site.