Sunday, 11 July 2010

Peggy Laurence

Luxurious Handbags And Accessories,
Made in Paris, France
Produced in Paris, France by artisans famous for their tradition of
excellence, know-how and wonderful craftsmanship, our exclusive
handbags are offered in a variety of luxurious exotic skins like alligators,
soft to the touch pythons, lizards, various leathers and comes in an
array of exclusive limited edition colors.
We do offer a Bespoke Service, for more details please see our online
site for more details
We are pleased to introduce the birth of our latest style "Lili Croc", a
luxurious handbag embellished with a crocodile motive shoulder strapped
inside the metallic chain. The inside lining matches the outside skin color.
L 19cm x L 19cm
L 8" x L 8" (inches)
Lili Croc is available at la boutique de l’Hôtel Ritz Paris
Tel: (33) 0143163486
Lili Croc

The Distinct Whiskey Company

The Distinct Whiskey Company specialises in a niche market of ultra-high quality white and brown spirits and luxury accompaniments. We seek out, reveal and encourage ever-higher standards of excellence for spirits that satisfy the tastes and surpass the expectations of the world’s affluent. Our company approaches the subject of luxury with intelligence and refinement guided by a keen sense of the elegance and good taste cultivated by active, successful people who wear their wealth well.

The Distinct Whiskey Company was originated by its founders in 2009 who share a passion for exquisite spirits. We are the world’s finest spirits luxury club website concept that brings the combination of class, music and the luxury lifestyle seamlessly together, priding itself with the reputation as being amongst the most luxurious and elegant destinations for luxury fine spirit e-retailing.

Our website will provide a unique blend of the world’s best labels from all parts of the globe. Our site is renowned for its surreal elegance and ambiance and amongst the very few portal’s where the finest and most luxurious alcoholic beverages and mood enhancing web experience, is a consistent reality. The Site has been designed with rock solid security, simplistic elegance and will contain the same elements that bring our finest collections into this luxury lifestyle with relentless dedication.

The Distinct Whiskey Company is dedicated to perfection and for the quality it stands for by being fearsomely passionate about client service. Understandably, with qualities like this, we are recognized as a luxury company that infuses its traditional beliefs into its high standards of service and continue in its cause to obtain only the very best quality product within our fine collection.

By paying personal attention to every detail throughout our Portfolio Selection process, we strive to give you the confidence that our expertise in presenting our collection is on the outer limits of perfection.

Iconic Spirits for the few.